Congaree Creek Watershed 319 Grant Funds Available

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If you are interested in receiving assistance to help share the cost to repair or replace your

home septic system or to improve livestock health, forage production and water quality at your farm in Congaree Creek Watershed, please complete the attached application form.  Please open the brochure and application form below, and view Congaree Creek Watershed Map above to see if you reside in the watershed (another map is in the brochure).

 The 319 Grant will provide 60% cost share assistance to homeowners and farmers in the Congaree Creek Watershed to install Best Management Practices (such as septic repairs, fencing livestock out of creeks, alternative water source, and composters).  Applications and questions may be directed to the Lexington County Public Works Stormwater Division at (803)785-8201.

If you have questions regarding this request, please get in touch with India Woodson directly for clarification at (803) 785-8634 or  

Please share this information with anyone you think might be interested in this grant.                                                                                                                                                                                                             


Click here to view brochure



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