Do you want to know more about water quality in Lexington County?  Is your group trying to find ways to make your organization more environmentally friendly? A Lexington Countywide Stormwater Consortium member can come to your school, civic group, or neighborhood association to talk about water quality issues in Lexington County. For more information call us at 803-785-8201.

If you see illegal dumping of items into a storm drain, contact the Lexington County Stormwater Division at 803-785-8201.





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  1. Shari Albertson

    I currently serve on the Board for Maple Spring Farm HOA, Inc and saw an article that we could apply for a free pet waste station. Could you tell me if this service is still available and how we would go about getting one? I noticed that the link was missing.
    Thank You.
    Shari Albertson, HOA Secretary
    Maple Spring Farm
    Lexington, SC

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