LCSC Goal:     We will strive to enhance and support healthy, fishable and swimmable waterways in Lexington County through public education and stakeholder collaboration.

LCSC Objectives:

1.  To create a model collaborative water quality education program in Lexington County that can be implemented throughout South Carolina and beyond.

2.  To foster citizen involvement and encourage behavioral change

3.  To achieve clean and healthy tributaries, rivers and ground waters throughout Lexington County

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  1. Frank Klimaski

    A group of volunteer neighbors in the Whitehall subdivision, together with our Homeowners association is planning a cleanup event to clear debris away from the storm drains in and around our neighborhood. We have noticed a number of drains that have accumulated leaves, pine straw, branches, etc. around some of the drains and gutters around them.

    We are wondering if there is a map of the storm drains in our area that we can use to assign work crews to various sections of the neighbor hood to check the drains clean up around those drains that need attention.

    Do you have access to such a map, or know where we could go to possibly reference and print one?

    1. Post
      Mary Hite

      Dear Mr. Klimaski,

      I apologize for the delay in answering this request. Has your clean-up already taken place? Your desire to clean out storm drains of debris is admirable since this can be a cause of stormwater back-up into the streets and in heavy rain storms can cause flooding. I will check with our stormwater engineers to find out if the catch basins in your neighborhood are mapped and let you know if we can get you a map. I also know that in some cases our work crews can do this job for your neighborhood. I’ll also check on that and see how their schedules look.

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