“Trash the Poop” on Wag-A-Long Wednesdays!

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We live in a time when dog owners no longer need to deny their pets the joy of being taken out to the “old ball game.” At least that is the case on Wag-A-Long Wednesday night home baseball games at the Fireflies Stadium at Spirit Communications Park in Columbia. At each of those games representatives from Trash the Poop, a program sponsored by Lexington County, Richland County, and the City of Columbia staff a kiosk to provide leash bag dispensers to dog owners. This item encourages puppy parents to be environmentally responsible by picking up after their dogs and depositing bagged pet waste in the trash. After all, who wants to step in dog poop?! Not only does this simple action keep the ground cleaner, it reduces bacterial pollution of waterways that occurs when animal waste washes into storm drains during a rain storm. At Spirit Communications Park, they also require that dog owners pick up after their pet and properly dispose of the waste on Wag-A-Long Wednesdays.

It’s time that everyone learns that picking up after dogs shows love, not only to your pet, but to your neighbors and our beautiful Midlands waterways. Remember, it goes in the trash where it can safely degrade in a lined landfill and not travel into our local streams. 


June 5, 2019  vs. Rome

June 12, 2019  vs. Ashville

July 10, 2019 vs. Augusta

August 28, 2019 vs. Hickory


To see the “Trash the Poop” Brochure Click here

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