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Friday nights at Lexington County Blowfish Stadium attract a large crowd, especially since there are fireworks at the end of the games!  The Lexington Countywide Stormwater Consortium was pleased to be granted booth space on Friday, July 26th to display its upcoming Rain Barrel Workshop and campaigns in which Lexington County residents can participate.  Gary Price, Environmental Coordinator accompanied by representatives of the Consortium from Pine Ridge, Floyd Dinkins (Councilman from Pine Ridge) and son Rick Dinkins, interacted with  people who attended the game.

Take-away items and information included:

  • A Trash-The-Poop pet waste bag dispenser for dog owners to put on leashes to  have a bag ready to use to pick up after their when walking their dogs.
  • A Trash the Grease lid to cover a metal can after pouring hot grease from the pan into the can instead of down the sink to prevent clogged drains and possible sewage leaks.
  • Storm Drain Tagging – A Volunteer Program (verification of time for community service can be provided)
  • Upcoming Rain Barrel Workshop on October 25th
  • Recycling Drop Off Event on August 10th at Lexington High School
  • Recycling Brochures
  • Notebooks and pens from the Lexington Countywide Stormwater Consortium.

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