Congaree Creek Water Quality Improvement Grant

If you are having any of the following problems, your septic system may need to be repaired:

  •  Your toilet is gurgling;
  • Water is backing up into your drains;
  •  Your sinks and toilets drain slowly;
  • There are damp spots in your yard during dry weather;
  • Areas of your yard have lush grass; or
  •  You smell sewage

Funds are available to help pay for approved septic repairs/replacements for

failing systems in the Congaree Creek Watershed to improve water quality.

Please Click here to search and see if you are in the grant area!

If you are located in the grant area and are having septic systems issues please fill out the application below and email to: [email protected]

Congaree Creek 319 Phase II Application

Septic Tank Contractor in Lexington County

This project is funded in part by the US EPA under Section 319 grant through SC DHEC.